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Top 35 Hot Anime Girls


This post maybe unsuitable for children under the age of 13. Parental Discretion is advised! Who am I kidding, this isn’t cartoon stuff. It’s anime! Where anything goes… Literally.

I’ve already made my list for the top 30 sexy female cartoon characters. So it’s only natural that I give attention for the top sexiest hot anime girls. However the female anime character list is a little longer than the female cartoon version and mainly because well, there were so many to pick and choose from. Therefore, I decided to add in five more sexy hot anime girl onto the list (really I wanted to add in dozens more, but I also wanted to be fair :) ).

But needless to say, these female anime girls are what I believe to be the top sexiest female anime characters. Of course this list is just from my perspective of what consists of hot anime girl. So it might be natural for some of these hot female anime girls to go unnoticed by viewers (who am I kidding right?).But only because as a fact in life we’re all different and since we’re all different we tend to have different views and tastes. What maybe a hot girl for me might not be for you. So for now I am just sticking with my view of a hot anime girl. However, perhaps someday I’ll let the viewers decide who’s the sexiest female cartoon or anime girl or even better – hottest animated girl of all time.

35.Junko Asagiri – Desert Punk

Junko Asagiri 2

That jumpsuit must have been custom made.

34. Katrina – Cowboy Bebop


Yes she makes the list folks. Comon just look at that pretty face. Face comes before body! Or so it should.

33. Nanael – Queens Blade


Don’t know of too many angels I’ve fallen for, but Nanael is one of a kind.

32. Mai Shiranui


Okay, I’ll give you ten bucks if you can name where she’s from. Maybe I’ll add the answer to an a quiz as a bonus question. But either way Mai is one hot anime girl.

31. Hibiki & Hikari

Hikari and Hibiki

What did I say last time about twins? Oh right… AND TWINS!!!! (remember that commercial?) Who doesn’t love twins? Especially sexy female twins?

30. Mii – Jungle De Ikou!


O.O Holy Moly! Is that even possible?

29. Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop


Cute sexy and daring. Oh yeah lets not forget she’s actually 77 years old! Gawd if I could look that good at the age of 77 I’d be… well hitting on chicks in their twenties? O.O! Wait… That’s like hitting on my great great grand childern… Ewww. Well you could look at it another way and just remind yourself that age ain’t nothing but a number! That makes me feel less guilty now.

28. Rika Aragami – Corpse Princess


I am usually not into girls with short hair, but Rika is one who are the exception to the norm. She’s just too hot of an anime girl to pass up.

27. Sio – Afro Samurai Resurrection

Sio_Afro Samurai_Resurrection

I’ve always like the bad girls. Even when I know they’re willing to kill me. But knowing that just is just half of the fun.

26. Reina – Queens Blade


I’ve always loved women in armor :) .

25. Meg – Burst Angel


Hmm, I am really digging the cow girl outfit. I am like Ginuwine, can always ride my pony.

24. Freya – Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple


Wow she’s got abs… Abs for days…Man, I am jealous :( .

23. Witchblade (Masane Amaha) – Witchblade


Sexy with long silver hair, long swords, and crazy. I think she’d make the perfect wife for Sephiroth.

22. Renka Ma – Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple


I think Kenichi forgot all about Miu in this moment.

21. Rika Minami – High School of the Dead


Take it off! Yeah baby…

20. Okoi – Basilisk


Another cute one right? look at how she waves, just makes you want to smile doesn’t it?

19. Villetta Nu – Code Geass


Well what can I say Villetta has a nice a nice sexy body with beautiful skin. Definitely on the hot anime girl list.

18. Kallen Kozuki – Code Geass


Kallen is definitely a sexy female anime girl. Not only is she sexy but she’s also pretty smart and I digg smart girls, even geeks :) . So if you’re a girl reading this, chances are I am already digging you.

17. Melona – Queens Blade


Have you ever wondered what happens when those hands move and squeeze…Oh wait we did see that happened before.

16. Tsukiumi – Sekirei


Minato is one lucky guy.

15. Chun Li – Street Fighter the Animated Movie


Hey what can I say. I am sure everyone remembers Chun Li’s shower scene. Comon don’t deny that you didn’t the uncut version of Street Fighter the Animated Movie.

14. Tia Halibel – Bleach


This has got to be the best and sexiest outfit ever…

13. Saeko Busujima – High School of the Dead

Saeko Busujima

Wait why is she drooling? Did she just do what I think she did? Oh wait she must of just woken up.. Yeah that’s it… She just woke up…

12. Kazehana – Sekirei


The sexiest anime butt award?

11. Marianna – Trigun


I’ve got to admit Marianna is not only sexy, but she’s CUTE! And the way she wears that badge…whew. I can play cops and robbers all night!

10. Musubi – Sekirei


Damn is that Minato again with another hot anime chick? If I ever make a list of the Top Anime Pimps of all time, Minato would definitely be on it.

09. Tomoe – Queens Blade


You know if I was the camera man I would… Damn I just lost my thought…

08. Kirche – The Familiar of Zero

Kirche_The Familiar_of_Zero

‘O.O” – Hubba Hubba? Betcha never seen this one before have ya? Well I saw her first! She’s mine!

07. Shigure Kosaka – Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple


You know Shigure might be a simple girl, in fact very simple. But ya know maybe that’s what most of us men need a simple girl, one without all the complications and high maintenance right? If only it were that easy.

06. Menance – Queens Blade


What was that Inspector Gadget would always say? Oh right… WOWZERS.

05. Miu Furinji – Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple


Yeah… I know.. I see it too, it’s not hard to miss ya know…

04. Risty – Queens Blade


There’s a lot to say for Risty, but I am going to keep it short… Gawd Dayum she’s sexy!

03. Shizuka Marikawa – High School of the Dead

Shizuka 3

Aren’t blondes sexy when they’re asleep?

02. Echidna – Queens Blade


Okay I am going to have to go with Bel Biv Devoe on this one and just say that this hot anime girl is Posion. But she’s also fine!

01. Saya Takagi – High School of the Dead


Okay, Saya Takagi makes the number one spot. She’s got all the perks of a sexy female anime girl, nice tan, bussoms, hair, glasses and best of all she’s a fighter.

And that gentlemen (and perhaps ladies ;) ) concludes my lists of the top 35 hot anime girls. I am sure many of you might have other girls you’d like to add. So please share in the comments! I am sure others like myself would like to know what other hot anime girls I’ve missed!


  1. what the hell where is the girls of rosario and vampire and tha natsumes??????what you were thinking??????

  2. I think Echidna – Queens Blade is my #1 by far and Nanael – Queens Blade is defiantly the most annoying character in anime.

  3. “You forgot ~Mikuru Asahina~ (*who is cuter than a bee & sweeter than honey) from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya”,
    ~Nerine~ (*who is timid & courageous as well as bouncy) from “Shuffle!”,
    and ~Ayu~ (*who is in one word…SPITFIRE!) from “Rumbling Hearts”.