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The Top 30 Sexiest Female Cartoon Characters

Marge Simpson

You probably won’t believe it, but if you’re anything like I am on this, chances are you’re drawn to attractive people and not just people either but also cartoon characters. If you think about it,when watching a new cartoon show, your first impression is usually the show host(s). If they’re hot then that’s a major plus and if they’re not then hopefully the story can make-up for its lack of appeal.

Though, I believe that there is one thing that’s almost for certain, having an attractive sexy female cartoon character can really make the show. I mean, when was the last time you seen an attractive female cartoon character host an immediate doomed show? Not many, if any.

So below I’ve decided to make a list of the top 30 sexiest female cartoon characters and if you feel that you’re having doubts about your cartoon show, then perhaps you should host it with one of these sexy ladies ;) .

30. April O’Neil
There was a reason why the four turtles always hung out with Ms. O’Neil and it was because for a woman who constantly wore a jumpsuit, she was still hot.

29. She-Ra
An old school reto cartoon character, She-Ra’s heroic outfit and courage still makes her one of the sexiest cartoon female characters of today.

28. Mary Jane Watson
Outside of being our favorite webslinger’s wife, Mary Jane Watson is still remembered by her sexy red hair and green eyes.

27. Ariel
Another famous red head, who swam and walked her way, in order to make it into our top 30 sexiest female list.

26. Batgirl
A daring female sidekick who is courageous, sexy and strong, however; like #30 Amy Wong, batgirl doesn’t have much skin to offer while wearing the bat suit. But nonetheless, even with the suit on we can still see her curvatures.

25. Princess Jasmine
Cute, sexy, smart and most importantly, a princess who’s not afraid to show her a little bit of skin to attract men. Another plus, she’s got great long sexy beautiful hair.

24. Amy Wong
Amy Wong Sexy
Although Amy Wong is usually seen with a pink sweat shirt and pants which often makes her look unattractive, however; underneath the thick layers linen she’s got a nice sexy banging body, one that is surely blessed.

23. Poison Ivy
Miss her, kiss her, love her, wrong move you’re dead. That girl is poison (Poison poison).

22. Janine Melnitz
Can I be a Ghostbuster too?

21. Harley Quinn
Why is she sexy? Loyalty. Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty. No matter how crazy you are, once Harley has her heart set on you, she’ll never betray you.

20. Rapunzel
A witty and naive unofficial Disney princess with really long blonde hair and later short Brunette hair. However, I can’t decide if I liked her with the long blonde hair or the short brunette one? Hmm, I guess it’s a matter of preference. But as for I, I have a thing with brunettes more so than blondes :) .

19. Emma Frost
Ice cold sexy, which for some reason remains me of those ice cold Coors Light commercials.

18. The Baroness
I’ve always found that the bad girls in all black seem to be the ones most attractive. So it’s only natural for the Baroness to be on this list.

17. Jean Grey
Jean Grey
Probably the most powerful and sexiest female cartoon with red hair. Jean Grey’s physique has always been very nice, but if I were Scott Summers I’d be more worried about her reading my thoughts while looking at another girl, such as…

16. Storm
I think what got me on storm is not so much her outfit but her white hair. No, it’s not the type of white hair that has a sign of old age, but the exact opposite and besides who wouldn’t want a girl who could control the weather for you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little sunshine on a down day?

15. Black Cat
Black Cat
Just like Storm, Black Cat’s white hair got me. But let’s not forget that her outfit is sexier and shows a bit more of her…Bussoms

14. Daphne Blake
Yes, she’s retro and her style is old, but still for her time the girl was sexy, and not so much of a dits.

13. Power Girl
What I can I say? Nice sexy outfit with very prominent you know what’s.

12. Carmen Sandiego
This woman was sexy without even trying to be sexy. The red outfit? Oh, such a give away. But most importantly, Carmen Sandiego was just too smart and witty for even those with the brightest mind. Just imagine how much fun it would be to role-play cops and robbers in the bedroom with her?

11. Erotica Jones (Stripperella)
The famous stripper action heroine. Let’s see, a crime fighting stripper, nice body, size, and a blonde. What more can you ask for?

10. Super Girl
An attractive female counter-part of the Man of Steel. I certainly wouldn’t mind being Super Girl’s Louis Lane.

9. Holly
A little on the crazy and on the weird side, but who doesn’t love sexy blondes?

8. Catwoman
Not much to see while in the suit but her feline attitude and personality is definitely something I’d look forward to in those fun nights.

7. Red
sexy lady
I’d say Red is probably the most forgotten sexiest female cartoon character as she’s only appeared a few times in Tex Avery’s Droopy cartoons. But nonetheless, when she first debuted in the mid 1940′s you can bet she had more than just The Wolf howling for her.

6. Lola Bunny
What I can I say? Pin her up some and I think she could be the image of Playboy.

5. Turanga Leela
Okay, she’s only has one eye but I find that rather sexy. But I think I find her common sense to be even sexier, because common sense is pretty hard to find now days.

4. Wonder Woman
Strong, smart, pretty, and sexy. Also Wonder Woman’s outfit is very… Hmm… Eloquent? Nah, sexy is more like it! Besides, she uses the perfect weapon, a whip. We all truly know what that’s used for. :D

3. Marge Simpson
All natural beauty and besides there’s a reason why she was on the cover of Playboy.

2. Betty Boop
Okay, historically the oldest popular and sexiest female cartoon character who has a long history of women’s rights and sexuality. So there’s no doubt, Betty Boops gets #2 but who comes in at the #1 spot before Boop-Oop-A-Doop?

1. Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit still is and will probably always be the #1 sexiest cartoon female character of all times. Even till this day I am jealous of Roger Rabbit.


  1. You forgot one to rival Jessica Rabbit!!!!! Cheetarah of Thudercats – thats awful!!!!!!! She had most dads drooling as their sons tried to understand whyyyy they liked her and women including myself jealous!