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Batman an Overrated Superhero?


Batman, the worlds greatest detective superhero but also one of the worlds most over-hyped and overrated superhero. Why? Well plenty of reasons why, but I’ll get into that later.

As a superhero fan I’ve always been there for two superheroes, Spider-Man and Batman. Personally, I love them both because I think they’re unique. Each hero possess great intellect and strength but at the same time they posses a huge weakness, they’re not all powerful.

Spider-man posses superhuman strength much more than your average man, however; when compared to other superheroes or supervillians his strength is pretty sub par and Batman’s is even less so. But what they lack in strength they easily make up for in intelligence. In fact, most of their battles were won by intellect than by brute strength.

But as of late I’ve started to notice that Batman is becoming the next unbeatable Superman. But unlike Superman and his weakness of Kryptonite, I am starting to realize that virtually Batman has no weakness.

Sure his weakness is suppose to be that he holds no superhuman powers, but the more and more I watch Batman cartoons (both old and new) it becomes clear that, even though he doesn’t posses any super powers, he is for some reason unbeatable by his foes or even other foes that posses superhuman strength.

But not only that, he some how manages to escape the impossible. For example, in the animated movie Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (SPOILER ALERT), Batman somehow manages to escape the death of outer-space. I mean, I don’t know when he manually flew the space shuttle into the kryptonite meteor, I was certain that the event had spelled the end for Batman. But of course it wasn’t.


Somehow, Batman manages to escape into his Batplane while in outer space from an exploding kryptonite meteor with no jumpsuit (unless it was in his utility belt) and still live. But better yet, the other question is, how did the Batplane escape the earth’s gravity?

It just seems that no matter the foe, whether smart, insanely strong or crazy, and no matter the circumstances Batman wins. Not only does he win, but he usually owns his adversaries. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know why he has sidekicks, most of the time they tend to be a nuisance and more of a problem for him anyway.

I guess now day’s, everyone loves the dark crusader, especially when you consider the two successful live-action movies, that in my opinion only further developed his likeness among fans. I believe Batman’s fan base has grown ever larger than Superman’s which now makes him the prodigy of Detective Comics or at least its star hero.

But hey, not that I am upset or anything. But like all else when the fanbase of any particular product, item, or character grows to an enormous amount, changes are inevitable, and usually made for the worst.

In this case, I think Batman has grown to be very popular even among those who had no or little interest in superheroes or comics. But this, in my opinion has caused him to be more and more powerful his stories (at least the animated versions). I believe he is even portrayed to be more powerful than Superman, which in my belief was already too powerful.


Simply put, one man with infinite money, great intellect, and great combat skills can only do some much. Even in the comic or animated world there is no way he should be able to do things better than even the average superhero. Okay, maybe he excels better than the average superhero, but certainly not the most prominent ones such as Spider-Man or Superman.

It’s quite Clear that a man who is as simple as any other man but capable of outmatching the even the strongest of all superheroes and villains, is needless to say way overpowered and overrated.


  1. You should read the Bane series of the Batman comics of the 90′s…. Bane breaks Batman’s back and paralyses him. It is a great story but you will probably never see the Bane series of comics animated in any way. The mass market likes happy endings, not sad endings. They do use Bane in the movies and cartoons but not in the way the comic books used him. Also most of Batman’s enemies are not superhuman, but there are a few and they have their weaknesses which he does exploit. Batman has failed every now and then in the Comics, which is something you will never see animated in any TV show or movie. You should read the comics instead.